Steve Dorfman

A born entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in the insurance industry, Steve Dorfman is the founder and CEO of Simple Insurance Leads. He’s also the founder and CEO of Simple Health, a health insurance platform premised on increased consumer choice and transparency in the healthcare marketplace.

Dorfman was born in Fort Lauderdale. Aside from a brief stint in the mountains of North Carolina, he’s lived in South Florida all his life. With a knack for numbers and an affinity for self-starting, Dorfman attended the highly regarded University School at Nova Southeastern University, where he excelled in business and finance coursework. He subsequently graduated from Appalachian State University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and started his professional career in insurance sales.

As Dorfman progressed through the sales hierarchy, he developed a conviction that he could put his talents to use improving everyday consumers’ lives. Within three years of graduating from Appalachian State, Steve Dorfman was vice president of sales at Miami-based America’s Health Brokers, one of South Florida’s top insurance brokers. In 2010, he was named CEO of America’s Health Care Plans (AHCP), another South Florida-based healthcare consultancy. He remained at the helm of AHCP until 2012, when he struck out on his own and founded Simple Health.

Steve Dorfman: The Founding of Simple Insurance Leads

Dorfman’s timing was fortuitous. He founded Simple Health in advance of the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. He realized early on that America’s health insurers simply weren’t doing their part to educate consumers about the vastly expanded range of health insurance choices at their fingertips. That realization, coupled with the halting rollout of the ACA’s federal health insurance exchanges, helped Dorfman make the case for his solution: a platform that educated, informed, and empowered healthcare consumers. He made it his mission to deliver transparent, accessible health insurance solutions for individuals and families seeking coverage at a variety of price points and configurations.

Following Simple Health’s early success, Dorfman launched a second company: Simple Insurance Leads, a diversified broker devoted to surfacing high-quality insurance leads for partners interested in the mainline health insurance, automotive insurance, home insurance, and Medicare supplemental insurance verticals.

Simple Insurance Leads delivers a variety of quality leads for health insurance lead buyers. Products include live transfers, ideal for clients seeking TCPA-compliant leads vetted for live customer status; warm transfers, another source of TCPA-compliant leads that have been pre-screened and qualified; exclusive leads that haven’t been solicited within the past 30 days; unsold leads generated within the past 24 hours and not shared with any other buyers; semi-exclusive leads that have been shared with no more than two buyers; shared leads that have been shared with no more than three buyers; and aged leads that offer cost-effective sales opportunities for buyers willing to work at scale.

Simple Insurance Leads uses proprietary algorithms to qualify leads across its entire portfolio. Health insurance leads are filtered for age, location, health conditions, and other criteria; auto insurance leads are filtered for previous claim status, risk level, license status, and past violations, among other criteria; home insurance leads are qualified against criteria such as dwelling type, dwelling age, flood or earthquake risk, past claims, current coverage levels, and other criteria; and Medicare supplemental insurance leads are filtered against factors such as age, location, existing health insurance coverage, health conditions, and more.

Giving Back to the Community

A committed philanthropist, Steve Dorfman takes pride in extending the same opportunities to his employees and industry peers that he was afforded during his formative years. He is a vocal advocate for gender equality in the workplace and an ally of women and minority STEM professionals in South Florida and beyond. He supports numerous charitable causes that align with his values and has partnered with like-minded private companies across the United States.

Dorfman is recognized by the South Florida business press as a rising star. In 2015, he earned dual awards from the South Florida Business Journal, one of the region’s top commercial publications: a spot on the journal’s 40 Under 40: Top Young Entrepreneurs list and recognition as an insurance industry up and comer.

Dorfman lives near his companies’ Hollywood offices, not far from where he grew up. When he’s not hard at work at Simple Health and Simple Insurance Leads, he can be found exploring the waters of the Atlantic, taking in the action at a Miami Marlins game, or running point at an RBI Foundation event.

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