Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question #1: How are your leads generated?

Frequently Asked Question Answer:
Simple insurance leads generates leads in a variety of ways. We generate traffic internally via paid search, email marketing, organic search and our contact center.  We also work with a variety of partners that have similar proven methods of marketing to generate high quality leads.

Frequently Asked Question #2: Will I get quality leads from Simple Insurance Leads?

Frequently Asked Question Answer:
Our team at Simple Insurance Leads is committed to building long lasting relationships with quality partners. We’ve worked hard to earn our solid reputation and work even harder to maintain it. All prospective business partners are rigorously vetted and qualified before we’ll do business with them. Internal and external lead sources are exhaustively tested and proven to deliver results. We continuously refine and optimize campaigns to maintain our stringent standards. We’re confident in our ability to deliver the highest quality leads, so in the event that we provide you with bad leads, we will gladly replace faulty leads with good, valid leads. We proactively monitor our relationships 360 degrees and act quickly to resolve any issues and tweak campaign strategies on the fly.

Frequently Asked Question #3: What is the price of leads from Simple Insurance Leads

Frequently Asked Question Answer:
At Simple Insurance Leads, we work diligently to generate high quality leads that we can afford to price competitively because we know what we are doing. Though we have some of the most competitive rates in the industry, the lead cost can vary depending on various filters such as age, income, location, method of delivery, lead volume etc. Contact Us for pricing for your unique business model.

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